Dream of: 15 November 1994 "Late For Class"

I was living in Portsmouth with my mother, and was once again attending high school. I was taking four different courses, but I had already missed many classes, and was uncertain whether I would graduate. I was already late for the classes for today. I was supposed to be at class at noon. But it was already almost 1 o'clock. I had another class (an algebra class) at 1 o'clock, and it looked as if I weren't even going to make it to it. I looked at my watch (10 minutes slow) and I decided to try to make it.

The school was somewhere on the hilltop in Portsmouth. As I drove toward the school, I decided it was just too much hassle, and I wasn't going to go. I was already a lawyer anyway, so I really didn't need to go to school. I needed to tell my teachers that I was a lawyer; they didn't even know. I knew if someday a check were ever run on me, it would be discovered that I had somehow been able to go to law school without having ever graduated from high school. Since I was already a lawyer, it was too late for anyone to do anything about it now. And since I really didn't have to have a high school diploma, I thought I would just give up the idea and not go to any more classes.

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