Dream of: 14 November 1994 (2) "Wheeling, West Virginia"

Quite a few people and I were on a plane being piloted by a man who looked like Dallas Cowboys football coach, Barry Sweitzer. I thought I also noticed my brother Chris on board. We were flying over Ohio, and several times we landed in the center of small towns, then took off again. I was quite apprehensive about the way the pilot was flying the plane. He landed very fast every time. I really wanted to get off the plane.

As we flew, I was also working on a collage. I had a flat board onto which I would stick different pictures. As I was working on the collage, once again the plane headed toward the center of a town to land. As we passed some dangerous telephone wires, and finally landed, I heard someone say we were in Wheeling, and I realized we were in Wheeling, West Virginia. I knew the Hari Krishna headquarters were near Wheeling, and I mentioned to someone that we could visit the Hari Krishnas. The others didn't know the Hari Krishnas had their headquarters in Wheeling until I told them. I recalled that I had stopped there once a long time ago when they had just begun building their complex. It would be interesting to now return. But I knew the plane wasn't going to stop there long enough for me to go.

I looked out the window and saw a vacant lot, perhaps a parking lot, which appeared to be next to a church. I noticed many abstract, metal sculptures sitting in the lot. I thought I would like to get out and look at the sculptures, but knew we weren't going to be there long enough for me to do so. I thought to myself if I got off the plane, I might not get back on. I might just stay there and try to find some other way to return to Portsmouth, Ohio.

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