Dream of: 14 November 1994 "Beds in the Courtroom"

When I woke up lying in a bed, I needed a few minutes to figure out where I was. Finally I realized I was in a courtroom which also seemed like a classroom. A female judge was sitting at the judge's bench on the side of the room. When I saw several other people also lying in beds, I recalled that the beds had recently been introduced as a new project to see how they would work for people who got tired in the court or classroom.

Stock (a female Dallas attorney who represented car companies) was lying in a bed to my right. She woke up about the same time I did. I noticed a digital clock on the wall which said it was 2:35.

When I pulled the cover off me, I was wearing a pair of long white, thermal underwear from the waist down. I suddenly realized I had a case which I was supposed to go to court at 2:30. I looked at Stock and hoped she was representing the opposing party, because she was also late. Maybe we could work out a deal. She looked at me and told me she was indeed representing the opposing party, but that didn't necessarily mean we could work out a deal. But I thought we probably could.

I wondered if my client had already been here and had gone in front of the judge looking for me.

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