Dream of: 12 November 1994 (2) "Raising Peacocks"

My step-grandfather Clarence and I were sitting on the front porch of the Gallia County Farmhouse, watching about 100 big fat cattle in the field below us. I had some binoculars and I could even see cows on one of the far hills. The cattle had been sired by the old white bull named Samson which Clarence used to own; Samson had mated with some red cows, so the cows in the field were an orange color, but more white than orange. I figured Clarence must be doing a lot of breeding to have so many cows.

I thought about how a cow had sex and I pictured how a bull would climb onto the back of a cow. The vagina of a cow must be quite large for a bull to successfully aim its penis into it. Obviously the bulls were successful, since there were so many cows.

Some trees had been cut down along the tops of the hills behind the old tobacco barn. I didn't like that, but I didn't say anything. I knew my father had been working on the Farm, trying to clean it up. I could still see some small, bushy, evergreen trees, but the large ones had been cut down.

Another man wearing a blue uniform walked up and began talking. I thought he was a mail man.

My grandmother Mabel appeared on the porch, and told me she wanted me to go back on one of the hills where my father had been working so I could fix a "gap" back there. By "gap" I knew she meant "gate." Apparently she meant that the gate was broken down and she wanted me to fix it. It would take a lot of work, and I didn't want to do it. Besides, I knew fences were down all around the Farm.

If I would repair the fence, however, I might be able to raise some animals on the Farm, perhaps cattle. In the past I had been dead-set against raising cattle, but raising cattle would generate some income. I also I might be able to raise peacocks on the Farm and sell them. I liked the idea because peacocks were bought for ornamentation, not for food. I asked Clarence if peacocks would be easy to sell and he said they would, but he added, "You don't want them after you sell them."

I corrected him and said he meant to say, "You don't want them after you buy them."

I thought he meant that after people bought peacocks, they realized they didn't really want the peacocks after all. I figured if that happened to me, I would just sell the peacocks back.

I thought how peacocks would be able to easily jump over a fence. But I might be able to keep enough feed around the place to keep them here.

I had previously thought I might also like to raise wild animals, such as foxes and weasels; but now I realized foxes and weasels might kill the peacocks. I had originally thought I might raise chickens for the foxes and weasels to eat; but I would be upset if the foxes and weasels killed the peacocks.

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