Dream of: 12 November 1994 "Nature Hike"

While on the Gallia County Farm, I decided to take a walk on the land just outside the Farm. I walked along the fence, headed toward another farm. Passing off the Farm, I came to an strip of land obviously owned by the federal government on one side of the fence, and by another individual on the other side of the fence. After sitting down next to the fence, I began watching several different animals. I saw five or six large birds with colorful blue feathers. I was uncertain what kind of birds they were and thought they might be grouse or peacocks. They looked like peacocks, but they were smaller than peacocks.

Next a small lamb walked up so close to me I was able to pet it. I saw some large animals which looked like deer but which were larger than deer. I thought they might be reindeer. Next some animals which looked something like a horse or zebra walked up. They had white bodies with black markings on the face. They were like something I had never seen before and seemed quite interesting.

A group of about 25 hikers marched by me. When a second group of hikers followed, I realized this area was becoming popular for nature hikers.

I stood and walked down to a small, beautiful valley, with rocks jutting up all around me. It was as if I were in a basin. I didn't see any animals, but I sat down anyway, thinking if I sat here long enough, animals would begin coming around. Obviously the animals liked this area.

I hadn't sat here long when I saw that some people had set up a table, and were preparing to have a picnic here. Obviously other people had discovered this beautiful spot. I would have preferred to have been alone. But as I watched, I thought I might go over and join them. I wasn't sure. I thought it was getting crowded with other people coming in. But it didn't bother me as long as they didn't bother the animals.

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