Dream of: 10 November 1994 (3) "Buying A Covered Bridge

I was thinking I would like to buy a covered bridge; where could I find one? I began discussing the matter with a woman and we both recalled having seen a covered bridge – somewhere out in the countryside – which was no longer being used.

After I had enlisted my father's  assistance, he drove me in a car to the covered bridge about which I had been thinking. When we found the bridge, we discovered that the road leading across the bridge was blocked by barriers – the bridge was no longer in use.

The road on the other side of the bridge led through a small town to some high mountains in the distance; a house stood high up on the mountain.

Still wanting to cross the bridge, from the car I asked a woman who happened to be standing outside, if she could tell me where the road on the other side led. She said a large no-longer-in-use hotel stood up in the mountains. Intrigued, I thought perhaps I could also buy the hotel. Buying both the bridge and the hotel would be a boon. I could refurbish the hotel, open it, and make money on it.

First, however, I needed to cross the bridge. I got out of the parked car and moved the barriers out of the way. I then got back in the car and my father drove across. When we reached the other side, I again got out of the car and moved the barriers on the other side.

Only now did I realize we appeared to have driven into a patio in someone's back yard. I couldn't see any way out. It looked as if the house completely surrounded us. My father was still creeping along in the car. I looked around; several doors led into the house. When I looked back for my father, he and the car had disappeared; where had he gone? The doors all looked too small for him to have squeezed through – his disappearance didn't make any sense. As I continued looking around, trying to find my father, it began to look as if I were in someone's living room.

As I looked for a way out, I saw a black-haired, Hispanic woman in one room. But she didn't see me and I ducked out of her line of vision. Again I found myself in the patio area, where I saw some more Hispanic women. Finally I said something to one , hoping she could guide me out. Would they be upset to find me here?


My father and I were in the car, on the road, headed for the mountains. Looking at a map, I finally realized we were in Joshua Tree National Monument park in California. I pointed out to my father that a road looped all the way around the park. I told him the road was scenic and we should take it; but then I pointed out on the map a smaller loop which we could take.

My mother was sitting in the back seat. I showed both my father and my mother the small loop on the map and told them it was also scenic; from the loop we could see most of the park.

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