Dream of: 10 November 1994 (2) "Riding The Cow"

My father and I were in the living room of the Gallia County Farmhouse. I had been staying on the Farm and was cleaning up the living room. As I picked up books which I had scattered around the room, my father asked me what I was doing with all the books. I told him I was just keeping them; I intended to put them on some shelves in the downstairs bedroom.

As I worked, I pulled back the curtains on the window, looked outside, and was surprised to see a large black cloud covering the horizon from the east to the north. I told my father it looked as if a tornado were coming and as if we would probably have to go to the basement.

I was also concerned because I recalled that my father's mother Mabel had boarded a white car and had headed toward the east. I feared that she might get caught in the storm. I couldn't tell if it were only going to rain, or whether we were actually going to have a tornado. When it began raining, I kept a vigilant watch. If the weather became serious, I intended to head to the basement.

The field below the Farmhouse on the eastern side was beginning to fill with water and soon the field was covered with rushing water. Four men dressed in white who appeared to have white hair were standing next to the water and looking at it. When I asked my father about the men, he said that he knew them, that they were Germans, and that he had given them permission to be there. It seemed strange that Germans would be on the Farm. They appeared to be quite old; I couldn't figure out what they were doing, although they were obviously watching the water.

My father was also watching the water, which was flowing over the banks of the small stream next to the field. In the area where the stream was close to the road, the turbulent water churned as if going over large rapids. My father turned and asked me and another person in the room whether we had seen something white floating on the water. My father said he had seen something white and very pretty floating for a moment on the stream, but then he had lost sight of it. I looked, but I couldn't see anything.

I mentioned that he always liked to watch things floating on streams like that; he acknowledged that that was so. He had a habit of trying to find things floating on streams.


My father and I were down near the stream, holding onto a cow, trying to pull it out of the water. A second black and white cow approached us and began trying to butt me aside. I grabbed the second cow, which had something which looked like a straw dummy sitting on its back. I swung around onto the back of the second cow. It tried to buck me off, but I held on tight. With me on its back, the cow ended up in the water and began floating toward the turbulent area; but I was able to guide it back to the bank on the south shore, near the big hill behind the Farmhouse. My father was standing on the bank. When I climbed off the cow, I immediately noticed two multi-colored balls about five centimeters in diameter near my father's feet. When I picked one up, my father said they were puff balls. At first I thought they were large marbles in very good condition, but then I felt that they were soft. Obviously they were something which was growing there naturally.

We led the cow (which was now small and red) into a small nearby building. The cow appeared to have some humanoid features. I thought its name was "Kirk." We tried to corral it in a corner, but it resisted. It was being so contrary, I finally sarcastically said, "Kirk, we may be having you for steak tonight."

I wanted the cow to understand that if it didn't cooperate, we might just kill and eat it.

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