Dream of: 10 November 1994 "Destiny"

While my father, my mother, my sister and I were in a wooded area on the Gallia County Farm, we found a group of overblown trees and decided to burn them. Normally I wouldn't want to burn downed trees, but my father pointed out how they were blocking the view; so burning them didn't seem like such a bad idea. As we began burning the trees, I found some bundles of tobacco stalks, and as the fire picked up, I threw the stalks on the fire.

The trees were next to a barbed wire fence and hanging over the fence was a black-covered notebook which looked as if it had been hanging there a long time. I picked up the notebook, intending to throw it on the fire. But when I opened and leafed through the notebook, I beheld pencil-writing which I realized was my father's. Scrutinizing, I even found some of my writing and realized the notebook was an old one of mine. The notebook looked like one I might have made 20 years ago, perhaps when I had been in college.

Next to some words written on one page were definitions for the words. The first word was "destiny." About 10 lines were written for the definition of the word. The following word was "poet," which likewise exhibited many lines of definition.

My mother, wanting to see the notebook, walked up and tried to take it from me. But I held on, continuing to leaf through it, until I came across part of a girlie magazine with pictures of naked women. I had apparently once stuck a section of the magazine into the notebook. I didn't want my mother to see the magazine section in the notebook. As she pulled on the notebook, I pulled it away so she couldn't see what was inside.

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