Dream of: 09 November 1994 "Log Cabin Shirt"

Carolina and I were walking through a shopping district in Laredo, Texas. We entered a store which contained colorful small paintings apparently created on pieces of brown leather. I had once before seen this type of painting being sold on the streets of Mexico. Here in Texas the paintings would cost more than in Mexico, because an import tax would have been added. Some Mexicans also smuggled the paintings into the United States; the paintings could be bought more cheaply from the smugglers because the smugglers wouldn't have paid the tax.

We reached the clothing section of the store; the prices were low. I might buy something for myself. Some blue jean shirts were only $3 apiece. I picked up one; it was a size medium. I needed a large, but it looked as if all the large ones had already been sold. But then I noticed a large size on a higher rack. I climbed up on something and reached the shirt.

I walked over to a secluded area where I could try on the shirt, which also had a tie with it. I took both the tie and shirt out of the package and put on the shirt. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I saw the shirt wasn't exactly a blue jean shirt, but that it had designs on it. On the back were blue flowers, and on the front was a scene of a log cabin. I liked the shirt and decided to buy it. I had once bought some shirts from Goodwill with designs on them, thinking I would cut them up and make a collage out of them. I should check with Goodwill again about such shirts.


Carolina and I were walking through the streets again. Only now I was wearing roller blades and had to be careful that I didn't start skating too fast down a little hill. We came to a park area and sat down on the grass. Two women (probably in their mid 20s) walked up and sat near us. Gradually the women entwined themselves into our conversation; they began talking about how they traveled from place to place, making the whole world their home. I mentioned that I had once more or less done the same thing, and that I had actually been through Laredo many times.

As the women talked, one moved closer and closer to me; she was obviously attracted to me. I moved closer to Carolina and put my hand on Carolina's knee; I wanted the woman to know I was only interested in Carolina.

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