Dream of: 07 November 1994 "Bakku"

I had been traveling through an area east of China where several small, poorly-developed countries were located. I was presently walking along a ridge, more like a levy, in a country which I identified as "Bakku." Since I had never been here before, I was somewhat apprehensive about who lived here.

As I walked, I managed to drop a small object in the grass in front of me. I searched diligently, but couldn't find the object. Finally I saw a small hole about 20 centimeters round in the ground, and what appeared to be a small sculpture inside the hole. I picked up the piece and examined it. It looked like a small horse. It was made of metal, had a dull bronze color and fit in the palm of my hand. I immediately liked it and decided I wanted to keep it. But I was unsure I could. I looked again in the hole, wondering if anything else might be found there. It looked as if there were some more objects there, but it was dark and I couldn't distinguish them well. It appeared that the hole might have at one time been a garbage dump, perhaps hundreds or thousands of years ago. If so, probably no one would care what I took.

But I was still uncertain. Looking down at the base of the levy, a short distance away in a field, I saw a small house or hut. I decided it would be best to go there and make inquiries. I walked to the bottom of the levy, and just before reaching the house, encountered a pretty black-haired girl probably in her mid-teens. I spoke to her, but immediately could tell she didn't understand English. Since I didn't speak the language here, I motioned, made signs, and repeated the word "English, English," to convey to her that I needed to find someone who spoke English.

She finally understood and led me into the house, where I took a seat. A procession of young women paraded through the room, almost like a beauty contest, some perhaps even in swimming suits. I kept repeating the word "English" but no one seemed to be able to speak English. Finally a young blonde woman in the back of the room stood and began speaking broken English. I began talking to her, satisfied that she would be able to answer my questions.

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