Dream of: 05 November 1994 "Working for the Police"

I had begun working in Gallipolis for a division of the police department, which division investigated drug offenses. But, part of the time I worked in the Gallia County Farmhouse, where other people also worked and where suspected drug offenders were brought.

I was presently in the small upstairs room on the east side of the Farmhouse; four suspects – a man and three women – all probably in their late 40s, were brought in. I asked someone what the suspects had done, and I was shown a small white tablet in a plastic bag which had been found on the man; he had been driving a cab in which the women had been passengers. Enraged that the three women had been arrested, I began screaming that there was no evidence against the women, and that they should be released immediately. Since I had higher rank than most of the other people here, the women were set free. I saw how relieved the women were as they were released.

The room was filled with other people who had also been arrested. It was ridiculous that so many people were being arrested for drugs; I was going to try to have as many released as possible.

I didn't like working to put people in jail for drug offenses, and I was determined to free as many as I could. Plus – I didn't intend to work long at this job. I had only taken the job because I needed the work right now. I also wanted some experience to see how the police department functioned. As soon as possible, I planned to quit the job and go to work defending people charged with drug offenses.

Someone walked into the room and began discussing a problem. Apparently some jewels had been seized as evidence in a case. When the jewels had been checked for fingerprints, Birdie's fingerprints had been found on all the jewels. I knew Birdie was sometimes in the Farmhouse, and since she liked jewelry, she must have seen the jewels and handled them. I would have to talk to her to make sure she didn't do anything like that in the future.

While I was sitting at a table, another man who worked here walked in and sat beside me. He was a bit older and more experienced than I; I had come to be friends with him, although we had a mutual distrust of each other due to our different views on drugs. He lived up the road in the old Mossberger house. As we talked, I began thinking since we lived so close, we might start riding to work together to Gallipolis. He seemed to like the idea. He said tomorrow he had to go to work at 7 a.m. The hour seemed early to me, but I agreed to go with him. He said he had to go early because he had to measure some distances in a field, and since the dew was still on the ground at that time, the dew helped him see where he was walking.

He told me he would, however, probably not be able to go to work with me for long, since he was probably going to take a job as a professor at a college. I smiled and patted him on the back. He had been thinking of that job for a while, and I was happy for him that he had decided to take it.

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