Dream of: 04 November 1994 "Aquantarilla"

I had arrived at my law office, located in the House in Patriot. Instead of being occupied by a kitchen and living room, the back two rooms were now filled with an office containing several desks. Yonis, who was working for me, greeted me. Taller and thinner than usual, wearing a soft, pink sweater, she looked quite attractive.

She began telling me about a man who had just left. She said a black man had come to buy stock of a company owned by one of my clients. The client's name was Burns (although he looked like one of my bankruptcy clients, McCoy). I recalled the client owned stock in several different companies, but I didn't recall having received any instructions from him to sell any stock, and I was astonished that Yonis would have sold my client's stock without my permission. When I asked her how much stock she had sold, she told me she had sold 500 shares. I couldn't believe it. I knew the company only had 1,000 shares; so she had therefore sold half the company. I asked her how much she had sold the stock for. She said $10. I asked if she meant $10 a share, and she said, no, she had sold it all for $10.

I was stupefied. I walked over to a neighboring desk where Wheat was sitting, and I asked him if he could believe "my secretary" had sold half my client's company for $10. I said "my secretary," even though I knew that Yonis didn't actually qualify as a secretary, that she was more of a clerk. But since I didn't have a secretary, I thought it was all right to call her that. Wheat seemed puzzled and not particularly interested with my problem, so I turned back to Yonis.

Yonis again said the black man had just left and that I might still be able to catch him. I recalled that when I had pulled up in the parking lot beside the house, I had noticed someone sitting in a car. I doubted he was still there, but I raced out the door anyway. To my surprise, I saw the car was still there. It was an older model car, probably from the 1950s, in excellent condition. It had fins and reminded me of a Ford Fairlane. It was two-toned (pale white and pale green), and obviously a collector's item.

I ran to the driver's window (which was lowered), excitedly spurted out that Yonis couldn't sell any stock in my client's company, and demanded the stock be returned to me. The man (probably in his early 40s) listened calmly to what I said and looked unspeaking at me. Realizing he wasn't going to comply with my demand, I reached through the window and tried to grab some papers lying on his lap. But he had already put the car in motion and I failed to grab the papers. I hurriedly pleaded with him to come back inside so we could discuss the matter. He continued backing up, and I thought he intended to drive off. Instead he backed into another parking place and parked.

He stepped out of his car and he and I walked back into my office. I took off my jacket, hung it on the back of my chair and sat down behind my desk. I was dressed well, wearing a clean white shirt and tie. Immediately another man who had been waiting to see me walked up and sat down in a chair beside the desk. When I quickly told him I couldn't speak with him at the moment, he rose and walked away.

The black man, who had also sat down, handed me some papers which I immediately began perusing. As I read, I realized how arcane the language was. Only a lawyer could understand it, and even I, a lawyer, found the language difficult. In fact, as I read, I didn't really understand what I was reading, but still it made sense to me. I saw many unusual, colorful words – words that might be used to describe works of art. For example, one word, "aquantarilla," seemed to express a light-blue, aqua color.

As I read, I enjoyed again using my legal skills. I hadn't practiced law in quite a well, and I felt good about once again doing something which I understood.

Two other young men had also sat down at the desk, as well as Yonis, who was sitting in front of me to my left. I told the men I needed some privacy and I asked them to leave, which they did. Yonis I allowed to stay. I knew she was upset because I had been harsh with her, and I thought she might quit her job. I didn't want that, and I hoped by letting her stay at the desk she would see that I still wanted her to work for me.

I turned to the black man and told him I understood the paper. I had concluded the black man was in the business of obtaining loans for people in business. I asked him if he was a loan broker, and he said he was. Apparently he had obtained a loan for my client and now he wanted to be paid for his services. I pointed out, however, that the paper he had given me didn't actually have the signature of my client on it. He looked taken-aback, and I saw I now had the upper hand. However, I still had to deal with the stock which Yonis had given to him. I figured I would have to show that Yonis had no authority to transfer the stock and that the transfer was therefore void.

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