Dream of: 03 November 1994 "Skull Mask"

Carolina and I had attended an estate sale being held outside. A crowd had gathered before the sale and Carolina and I circulated through the crowd, looking over the objects to be sold. I wanted to begin going again to estate sales and trying to find things I liked.

When the sale began, I was intrigued by the first item, although I didn't know exactly what it was. It appeared to be a sculpture, apparently in white marble, perhaps a tombstone. About a meter high, it seemed to be crowned by a partially sculpted skull, with several small skulls carved at the base. As the bidding began, I noticed the sculpture was moving and I finally realized the sculpture was actually of a person wearing a mask which looked like a skull.

Somewhat bewildered, I turned to look at another item about to be auctioned: an old, intricately-designed high chair. The high chair's arms and legs were hand-carved with designs on them. I pulled down the tray to check its condition, and concluded it was in good shape. I walked around behind the high chair and saw that fabric had been sewn onto the back, but hadn't been cut properly and was partially hanging. I found the chair interesting, but doubted I would bid for it.

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