Dream of: 01 November 1994 "AIDS"

My old friend Anderson and I had gone to visit Weinstein; Anderson and I were standing in the front room of an apartment where Weinstein was living. A stairway in the room went halfway up to the second floor, then turned to the left for the rest of the way. I knew Weinstein was upstairs on the second floor, but I couldn't see him from where I was.

Anderson hollered up to Weinstein and told him that he (Anderson) was downstairs, but Anderson didn't mention that I was with him. Weinstein hollered back downstairs and told Anderson he wasn't feeling well and wouldn't be able to come down. Weinstein also mentioned that his brother Paul was upstairs with him, and that Paul had AIDS. But Weinstein said he himself didn't have AIDS, and that wasn't the reason why he didn't want to come down.

I was disbelieving. I recalled that the last time I had spoken to Weinstein he had told me that he was gay, and that he was living with a man who had AIDS. I thought if Weinstein didn't want to come down now, it was because he had AIDS, and he didn't want Anderson to see him. I wondered what he looked like. He was probably emaciated, possibly with sores on his face and the rest of his body. I could understand why he didn't want to be seen.

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