Dream of: 31 October 1994 "Mind-Dance"

I was sitting outside on the ground in an area covered with uneven concrete or slabs of stone. I was in a city, probably Columbus, and I could see a highway about a block away. Perhaps 20 other people were also gathered around the area, sitting in no particular positions, seeming to be in a group, but not seeming to be organized.

A black man (probably in his mid 30s) walked up and spoke to the group. As he spoke, I realized all the people in the group were teachers and students. Each person would at some point be a teacher, if he or she had something to teach, and then would be a student when someone else was teaching. It was difficult for me to gauge the power of the people in the group. I felt the group was undeveloped, yet it had compelling potential, judging from the number of people involved and the apparent aim of the group.

However, I was unimpressed by the man speaking. I was mainly disturbed because he was smoking a cigarette. I didn't think anyone who smoked cigarettes would be developed enough to have anything to teach me. Plus, his general attitude seemed egotistical. He appeared to have little of importance to say, but he seemed to think everything he was saying was important.

When he finally finished talking, I took a better inventory of myself. I was sitting with my legs crossed, facing a wall, wearing a jacket and tie. I reflected that I was a lawyer, and I wondered if any other professional people were present. I had an uneasy feeling I might be the only one.

I lay on my back. From the other side of the open area I could see a woman approaching. She was wearing an ankle-length dress, and she had on glasses. She was slim and looked healthy. She was probably in her early 40s, and when she was close enough, I realized she was Conn (a former junior high and high school classmate).

As she began speaking to the group, it was immediately clear that although the group didn't have a leader per se, due to the way the group was designed, Conn was the controlling influence in the group. As I listened to her, I also realized a higher group existed somewhere which oversaw smaller groups such as this one. Conn was obviously upset about the state of this group. Some members of other smaller groups had recently received commendations or awards from the higher group, and Conn had thought she might receive such an award. However she hadn't, and she was obviously disappointed.

As she walked closer and closer to where I lay, although I was glad to see her, I was uncertain I wanted her to know who I was. I now had a cover over me, and under it I was completely naked. Also I had laid my head under a bench (or something similar) so my view of anyone looking at me was partial. Yet even though I pulled the cover up over half my face, Conn walked up near me and with a surprised yet not surprised voice said, "Steve Collier."

I could tell she was happy to see me and I was happy to see her. She said she would like to do a dance with me. Somewhat embarrassed, I told her I would, but that I was completely naked under the cover. She quickly told me she didn't mean that I actually had to dance with her, but that she was referring to some kind of "mind-dance."

I was unsure what she meant, until she launched into a dance. She took about 10 dancing steps in one direction, then returned to where she had started.

The dance was graceful, but mostly I noticed how powerful it seemed. Every motion she made with her torso and arms was precise and exquisite. There was nothing lacking in the execution of the steps. When she finished, I felt a pronounced communication of something beautiful, as if she had given me a welcome gift.

Once finished, she resumed her speech. She bemoaned the financial state of the group. She recalled how the group had been doing well until they had manufactured some chemicals which were to be used in swimming pools. Apparently some people had died from the chemicals and a court judgment for $12 million had been taken against the group.

I immediately latched onto this last statement. I found it hard to believe the group was actually paying the judgment. If this was a non-profit organization, it seemed they could declare bankruptcy, wipe out the judgment and start all over again. The only reason not to do so would be if the group had some assets which it didn't want to lose. I doubted that. I could even help them with legal advice. I knew I had the power to do so, but I was uncertain I wanted to get involved. Still, I thought I probably should.

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