Dream of: 30 October 1994 "Possible Arrest"

I had some problems which had been bothering me. I owned an office similar to the Commerce Street Office (my Dallas law office) and I wanted to sell it. In fact I described the office as the Commerce Street Office. At first I thought the office was worth about $70,000, but gradually I began to fear it was worth less. I needed to sell it because I had a two month option to buy another business, and the option was going to run out in a few days.

When the man who was going to sell me the other business came to visit me, I told him I couldn't buy the business unless I first sold the office. He professed to having some knowledge about the value of offices and he began writing a formula with chalk on a blackboard to try to determine what the office was worth. He was an imposing, but friendly man (probably in his early 40s). He indicated that I might be able to obtain an extension on the option to buy the other business. When he finished with his calculations, however, he came up with the number "5," which meant my office was worth considerably less than what I had first thought. I thought I knew part of the reason. The office which I owned was actually the conference room of the Commerce Street Office, and not the actual office. The conference room carried no rights to use of the kitchen and other rooms; thus it had less value.

I had a second problem. When the man had finished and left, another man whom I didn't know walked in and talked with me. He was probably in his early 30s, tall and well-dressed in suit and tie. He told me he had heard that prosecuting attorneys were going to come down hard on me regarding a certain car. I was stunned, but I thought I knew what he was talking about. After the man left, I pondered the problem. I recalled that my old friend Mike Walls had called me one day about a car which he apparently had stolen. I thought that the prosecutor would now try to say that I had given Walls some advice to get rid of the car, and that the prosecutor would now try to show that my advice had been criminal. I myself was unsure exactly what I had told Walls, but I feared Walls would try to protect himself, even if he had to implicate me, whether such implication was truthful or not. I needed to be prepared (in case I were arrested) to be able to quickly make bail. I should probably find a bondsman who would be able to help me.

I was also concerned that if I went to trial on the matter, questions of my prior drug use would arise. I had recently wanted to smoke some marijuana, and I seemed to recall having gone to Walls several times to buy marijuana. It would be difficult to avoid admitting that. Questions of having used drugs with Walls years ago would also arise. I could perhaps shift the problem to the prosecution by claiming that Walls was a drug dealer, which was true, but I was afraid such a tactic still wouldn't help me. The fact was that I had used drugs, and that fact would weigh against me.


I awoke on the Gallia County Farm and walked into the kitchen. It seemed that my grandmother Mabel was also in the kitchen. When I looked out the side window, I was surprised to see dozens of cars parked on the road and driveway, especially some shiny new Volkswagen beetles. After surveying the area, I quickly realized the Volkswagens were being manufactured on the Farm. I also knew this was exactly the new business with which I had hoped to become involved. I wondered how it was now possible that the business was already in operation. I soon figured it out.

A man stepped up to me and spoke. I knew who he was. He was probably in his late 40s and seemed related to me. He seemed somewhat like Maurice Minnifield (the character played by Barry Corbin in the television series "Northern Exposure"). The man explained that he had purchased the business in which I had been interested and he had opened it there on the Farm. He seemed to know about my problems, and without actually bringing them up, he politely communicated that my problems wouldn't allow me to open the business. He seemed to be saying that if I had been able to have started the business myself, he wouldn't have interfered, but since I hadn't be able, he had done what was necessary.

I felt no antagonism toward the man and more than anything I was impressed that he had been able to get the business going. Since I knew my father had also been interested in the business, I asked the man if my father were involved. The man pointed to a group of men down on the road. I could see my father in the middle of them, apparently directing them. Apparently my father was one of the bosses and was working hard in the actual running of the business.

As I looked out the window, I was careful to position myself so no one could see me. It was late in the morning, and I felt guilty about seeing so many men hard at work, while I was still in the Farmhouse. However I didn't want to go out and join them.

The man didn't seem concerned about my not working with the others. In fact, he seemed to place special value on me, and he quickly let me know that a special place was reserved for me in the business. I thought I might be able to handle some of the legal affairs of the business, perhaps even dedicating much of my time to it.

Although I was still concerned about the possibility of being arrested, I now thought the chances of arrest had been lessened.

The man seemed to think I had other possibilities. He even suggested I might want to run for political office, but I thought questions of my former drug use would prevent that.

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