Dream of: 28 October 1994 (2) "Mystery of Talent"

I was in Portsmouth, thinking about a project I wanted to undertake. I thought I would look for people who had talent, perhaps through a talent show. I thought about what would be involved. I would have a contest, mostly for young people, although anyone could take part. Anyone with any type of artistic talent could take part, singing for example. I would have to advertise the contest, and I began thinking about how much it would cost to rent a place for the contest. I might even charge admission and try to make some money from the contest. I thought about the talent show sponsored by Ed McMahon, and I thought if I could find people with talent, ultimately they could be on his show. It seemed that such work would be immensely interesting because I would meet so many people with different kinds of talent. It would be interesting to think about talent and exactly what it was. It was a rather mysterious subject to me.

I began thinking of not only artistic talent, but of knowledge in general, how some people have strong abilities in science and math. I wondered if I could also do something in that area as well, such as through some kind of test to see how deep people's knowledge was in certain areas. I might even begin doing a nation-wide talent search by going to different towns. It would be interesting meeting all the different people who came to the contests. I continued trying to figure out what all would be necessary to run such an enterprise.

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