Dream of: 28 October 1994 "Shoeless Soldier"

I was in the United States Civil War. Although I wasn't wearing gray, I thought I was fighting for the South. I was with a large group of soldiers at the House in Patriot. The soldiers were marching out and leaving. I was in the kitchen and could look out the kitchen window and see the soldiers marching away to battle. Because I had studied my history, I knew a huge battle was going to take place today. A Frenchman named Beauregard was going to take part in the battle. He, as well as another famous person, was going to be killed today.

I wasn't able to march out with the other soldiers because I didn't have any shoes. I also didn't have a gun. However I wanted to be in the battle because I knew the event was going to be so important. A few other soldiers still hadn't marched out. I walked up to one soldier and asked him if I could have his gun. He gave it to me. It was a long rifle which stood as tall as he did. It had a bayonet on it. After I took the gun, I looked around to see if I could find any shoes. I managed to find some boots, but they didn't have any heels. I kept looking to see if I could find some other boots with heels so I could take the heels off and put them on the boots which didn't have heels. I scrambled about as quickly as I could, trying to find what I needed.

The main body of troops was already far away on the field catching up would be difficult, but I was determined to try.

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