Dream of: 27 October 1994 (2) "Buying Government Land"

My father had told me about some land for sale in a wilderness area. Several different tracts of 300-400 acres were owned by individuals. Next to each tract of private land were also smaller tracts of government land with approximately 50 acres each. My father had even shown me on a map where the land was. He told me that the government land was for sale at a low price. The catch was that to buy the government land, a person must already own property contiguous to the government land. My father was thinking about buying one of the larger tracts of land so he would be able to buy one of the smaller tracts of government land. But I didn't think he really wanted to invest the money.

After talking with my father about the matter, I thought more about it and came up with a plan. Perhaps I could go in and buy a small piece, perhaps have just 10 acres surveyed off, of each larger tract so that it was touching the government land. Then we could buy the government land. My father and I could form a corporation so each of us could receive half of any profits which we might make on the venture. I could do all the work, and he could put up the money. It seemed like a great idea. If we later wanted to buy more of the private land, we could. But we wouldn't have to buy it right now.

I walked into a room where my father was sitting on a couch. Some other people were also in the room, and my father was talking with them. I stood waiting for him to acknowledge me so we could talk, but he didn't even look at me. At one point I said, "Dad," but he still ignored me. So I just stood waiting for him to notice me so I could discuss my proposition with him.

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