Dream of: 26 October 1994 "Demented Man with Scissors"

Cathy and I were standing inside a small shop where she was working. It was her last day of work, and both she and I were leaving the area the following day, although not together. As we talked, a woman whom Cathy knew stepped up to a counter in the shop and placed some boxes on the counter. The woman opened the boxes, revealing large, thick pieces of milk chocolate, all about a foot square, in each box. I quickly concluded that the woman was in the business of selling chocolate, and she had brought all the pieces of chocolate to Cathy for Cathy to buy. Obviously the woman didn't know Cathy was leaving town the next day, and neither Cathy nor I volunteered the information to her. As the woman talked, I played with a dart which I had in my hand, and threw it into one of the pieces of chocolate. Cathy saw what I had done, but the woman didn't.

When the woman finally left the shop, Cathy and I also left. But we didn't leave together. Instead she walked one way and I walked out a side exit. It was unclear whether we were going to meet later.

I walked on to the sidewalk of a street which seemed to be in Madrid, Spain. It was already dark and the street was deserted, except for one man. I recalled I had seen this man before. He was filthy, wearing rags, and appeared demented. He was about five foot ten inches with scraggly, black hair.

I recalled that although he often menaced people, he actually never hurt anyone, and wasn't to be feared. So when he stepped toward me as if he were going to attack, at first I wasn't alarmed. Only when I noticed a pair of sharp scissors in his hand did I become concerned; I stepped back. He continued approaching me, waving the scissors at me, as if he intended to stab me with them. Slowly I realized this man was indeed a menace, if not to me, then to other innocent people who had to walk these streets.

At the corner I saw a police car going by. I hollered out, "Police! Police!"

The officer in the car turned and looked at me. Obviously he was going to turn around and come back. The man however didn't intend to wait. He began running away; I gave chase. I ran after him for about a block, but he was faster than I, and I soon had to give up. Perhaps the police would be able to track him down. I just hoped in the meantime he didn't try to hijack a car with some innocent person, like Cathy for instance, and seriously harm someone with the scissors.

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