Dream of: 21 October 1994 "Dock Shoes"

My father was driving a car in which my mother, my sister, and I were riding. We were riding around Dallas in the area around the Crescent office complex, planning to go to a place where we could all go jogging. Suddenly my father told us he wasn't feeling well and that he wasn't going to be able to go jogging with us. I was rather disappointed. He turned the car around and headed back toward downtown Dallas. I told him to just pull over, that I thought I would get out and run back downtown from where we were. I couldn't tell whether he was bothered by what I had said; but he stopped, and I stepped out. At the same time, my mother and my sister also stepped out of the car.

After we were out of the car, another man joined us. He said he didn't have any tennis shoes, but he did have some "dock shoes," which were basically the same as tennis shoes, only not quite as good.

It would be quite a long run to downtown, but I thought we would be able to make it; so we all started getting ready to start running. We were going to head to the Commerce Street Office.

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