Dream of: 20 October 1994 "Tease"

I was in a building at camp for young people on vacation. I was hanging out with a fellow whom I had met there. What most interested both of us was the number of attractive young women (in their late teens) at the camp. I was particularly interested in one attractive woman whose name was Sharon. As I was standing in a room, I was surprised to see Sharon come walking down the stairs without wearing a top, so her breasts were visible. She walked about half way down the stairs, obviously flirting with me, then walked back up the stairs, just enough to get me excited.


I was with the woman who had come down the stairs, and I thought we were going to have sex. But to my chagrin, she left. Only now did I realize she had only been teasing and playing with me. I thought she probably led on other men who came to that camp. I was quite disappointed, thinking I would have at liked to have gotten to know her. Now I had noting left to do but watch people come and go here in the room where I was.

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