Dream of: 19 October 1994 "Rolled Tight"

I had gone to visit my old high school friend, Buckner, who was living in a house in Portsmouth. Buckner (about 30 years old) looked thin and healthy. As we walked from one room to another, Buckner pulled a baggie of marijuana out of his pants. I had expected him to have some marijuana and I was happy to see it. He handed the baggie to me so I could roll a joint. As I took the baggie, I noticed some marijuana collected in a small bubble in the top of the baggie, and when I opened the baggie, I thought I might have spilled a little of that marijuana on the floor. Apparently Buckner also thought I had spilled some, because he came over and looked on the floor.

Buckner and I both rolled joints and when we finished we had three joints. I picked up one and lit it. I tried to inhale the smoke from the joint, but it was rolled so tight, hardly any smoke passed through. Finally I bit a little piece of marijuana off the end of the joint, hoping the smoke would come through better. I inhaled as deeply as I could, but still very little smoke came through. I finally handed the joint to Buckner. I picked up another joint and lit it, but again I had the same problem. I thought I might need to roll another joint, only more loosely.

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