Dream of: 17 October 1994 "Trip to Another Country"

I was on a city bus, headed to a place to which I regularly traveled in the mornings. A blonde-haired, frail-looking woman (about 20 years old) was sitting beside me, and a man (about 40 years old) was talking to her. The man apparently worked for a baseball team, but on the weekends he liked to hunt. Even though he didn't know the woman well, he told her he would like to take her with him to hunt deer on the coming weekend. She accepted his invitation.

The man finally got off the bus, but the woman remained sitting beside me. I felt sorry for the woman. I thought the man was just going to try to take advantage of her. I turned to her and told her the man was just going to use her. She seemed moved that I seemed to be concerned about her. I moved closer to her and put my arm around her head. She seemed quite delicate. I had the feeling I would end up seeing more of her, although I really didn't want to see her outside of the bus. I felt as if I liked her, but only in a protective sort of way.


I was in a house with Carolina, her mother Paz and Paz's friend, Chuck Bacheller. We were all getting ready to go together on a trip to another country. A bus was going to pick us up on the street right outside the door. Since the bus would be coming soon, I was trying to get them to hurry up.

We all had suitcases. My suitcase was red and was the kind that had wheels and a handle so it could be pulled along the street. I walked out on the street after telling them to hurry up.

At the same time, I was still thinking about the woman whom I had met before on the bus. Should I tell Carolina about the woman? I decided I shouldn't, especially since I didn't know if I would even ever see the woman again.

After going outside and setting my suitcase down on the sidewalk, I thought I should check the house to make sure all the doors were locked. As I turned back toward the house, my suitcase rolled out into the street. Chuck ran out into the street, chased down the suitcase and brought it back to me.

The bus arrived and I tried to hurry up the others. They were just poking along, and we only had about ten minutes left. Carolina wasn't even moving. I thought about just getting on the bus by myself and going on. They could catch the next bus.

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