Dream of: 15 October 1994 "Casually Dressed"

While sitting and talking with my father one morning, I suddenly realized I needed to go to a bankruptcy hearing in Dallas to prevent one of my cases from being dismissed. If I showed up at the hearing with a Motion to Modify the payment plan of the chapter 13 debtor, the case wouldn't be dismissed. I faced several problems. First I had to prepare the Modification. Second, it was already after 8 o'clock and the hearing was at 8:30. Third, I wasn't dressed.

I immediately began working on preparing the Modification and was able to quickly have it ready. I then debated whether to shave and put on dress clothes; I decided I didn't have enough time since it was already ten after eight, and I took off.

As I was arriving at the courthouse, I also realized I first had to file the Modification with the clerk's office so it would be file-marked. By the time I finished doing that, it was just a little after 8:30 as I walked into the court room.

As I walked into judge Felsenthall's courtroom, I was surprised to see that judge Felsenthall wasn't there, but that another judge was in his place, sitting at a small table in the front of the room. The judge was a slender black-haired man (probably in his mid 30s). The room was full of people who had also come for the hearing. I couldn't tell whether the cases had already been called or were just about to begin.

I walked close to the desk where the judge was; several women were also sitting at the desk and helping the judge. Recognizing one, I handed her the modification and asked if she could give it to the judge. She put it on top of a pile of other papers in front of the judge. The judge made a notation on the docket sheet, but I was still unsure the motion to dismiss had been withdrawn. I waited as the judge went through the rest of his stack of papers. When he was finished, I again turned to the woman and asked her if the modification had been accepted and if everything was okay. She now had the docket sheet, and looking it over, she told me there was still a problem. We were able to quickly resolve it, however, and the motion to dismiss was withdrawn. I was glad I had stayed to make sure there were no further problems. If I hadn't stayed, the case would have been dismissed.

As I walked away from the judge, I noticed Elaine (my attorney friend Wheat's legal assistant) sitting in the back of the room. I walked over and sat at a table where she was sitting. As I propped my feet up on a chair in front of me, I noticed I was wearing blue socks, but no shoes.

I hadn't been here long when Bartholow (a female Dallas attorney) walked up. She was very friendly and began kidding me about my turning into a man because I had whiskers on my face. I felt embarrassed because I hadn't shaved. She also tickled my feet, pointing out that I wasn't wearing shoes. I was in completely inappropriate attire for a courtroom; there was even a rule that a person was supposed to wear a tie and jacket in the courtroom. Bartholow didn't seem to mind, however, and she was being very good-natured about it.

It suddenly occurred to me that no one had seemed to mind the way I was dressed. In fact, it seemed as if people might have even been more friendly because I was dressed so casually. I recalled that I had recently seen Wayne Cobb (a bankruptcy attorney) at a court hearing and he had been dressed casually like this. I hadn't thought ill of him for it. People probably didn't think ill of me, either.

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