Dream of: 14 October 1994 "Old Cases"

A woman was asking me questions about my law practice, wanting to know if I had ever actually tried any cases in front of a jury. I told her I had. I knew I had tried three cases in front of juries, winning two and losing one. I began telling the woman about the first jury case I had tried, which had been a case of driving while intoxicated on alcohol, in which I had defended a man named Mr. Barello. I thought I would go into the details of the case for the woman, telling her how I had tried it, and how I had obtained a verdict of not guilty.

I thought I would then tell the woman of my second jury trial. In that case my client had been charged with theft. He had been charged with changing the price tags on an item which he had purchased in a store, so he paid a lower price for the item than what it was actually priced at.

Finally I would tell her about the civil jury case which I had lost; my client had been Ms. Bell. I didn't like to be reminded of the case, but I thought I would have to also tell the woman about it.


The woman was telling me that she used to know a fellow named Tommy who used to be one of my clients. She asked if I still had the file on him, and I told her I kept all of my files. I was thinking to myself that I should look up the file to see exactly what it had been about.

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