Dream of: 12 October 1994 "Growing A Beard"

I had a vague plan to go to a Central American country, probably Puerto Rico, which I thought was just south of Mexico. I thought I would meet Salvador Ibarra there. However, I was concerned because I didn't want to get caught with any drugs, and I thought the people whom I would be visiting were involved in the drug trade. I needed to be careful.


Louise and I had been walking together around the streets of Portsmouth. I was happy to be with her; I thought about how I needed to be with someone.


I had traveled to Mexico with my sister and my father. I had hoped Louise would come with me, but finally I had realized she wasn't going to come and, in fact, I wasn't going to see her anymore. I felt hurt that she hadn't accompanied me, but I thought I needed to put her out of mind. I did feel as if I needed someone to be with, though, and I thought I would need to look for another woman.

In the meantime, I noticed my hair and beard had grown quite quickly. My sister was with me as I looked at myself in a mirror. My hair and beard were black, and both were quite full. My beard was almost an impressive 30 centimeters long. My sister also seemed impressed to see how fast my beard had grown. I decided I wouldn't cut it, but would keep it long for a while.

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