Dream of: 11 October 1994 "Difficult Exercise"

I was lying in a bed in someone's house where I was spending the night. My hand was lying on top of the cover, and I slowly began to realize that with my hand I could feel another hand under the cover. Gradually I realized the hand belonged to Katherine (a former law student). She didn't live in the house, but like I, she was only spending the night here. I started thinking I could probably have sex with her right now; but then I remembered I was married. I knew I wouldn't have sex with her and break my commitment to my wife.

As I lay, I noticed other people had walked into the room. Two of them, a blonde and a brunette, were women from the television series "90210." One man from "90210" was also present. The man began doing an exercise right next to the bed. The exercise looked extremely difficult. He bent his legs and bent his back so his back parallel to the ground. He then would raise and lower himself. The girls were watching the fellow exercise and everybody seemed to be having a good time.

I stood up from the bed and decided to try the exercise myself. I knew I had become quite fat, and that doing that particular exercise was going to be difficult for me. The fellow bent over and touched his legs, bringing his back down parallel to the ground, then raising back up, over and over. I was wearing a pair of old gray Dockers and a black belt. I didn't have on any undershorts. When I looked down, I noticed that my pants were unzipped and it looked as if my pubic hairs were visible. I stopped, zipped up my pants, and made fun of myself for being like that.

I started trying to do the exercises, but I was having a difficult time. Everyone started laughing good-naturedly. I realized I was unable to bend my back, try as I might. Everyone laughed, but no one really cared and we were all just having a good time.

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