Dream of: 10 October 1994 "High-Priced Items"

While I was standing outside of a place where I was living, a black-haired girl (17-18 years old) walked up. She was a friend of someone I knew, and I barely knew her. She was selling some high-priced items. Obviously the person for whom she was selling the things was going to make a high profit.

She showed me several things, including a pencil and a nice old-fashioned razor with a plastic pink handle. She said she was selling the razor for $100. I knew I wouldn't pay that much. She showed me a switch-blade knife with a black plastic handle. When a small switch was pressed, the blade flipped straight out. I would like to have it; but when she told me it was also $100, I didn't want to pay that much for it. Nevertheless I debated about whether I should buy something from the girl to help her out, even though it was going to be outrageously high.

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