Dream of: 09 October 1994 "A Death in the Family"

I had been captured and put in prison. I was riding in a jeep which had three rows of seats. I was sitting with some other prisoners in the back seat. Other prisoners were in the middle seat, while our captors were in the front seat. I leaned over the middle seat in front of me and asked two of the other prisoners if they wanted to try to escape. Both indicated they didn't want to try. I decided I would try to escape anyway by myself.

We were driving in a mountainous area in the country. As we headed down a mountain, the jeep suddenly swerved and ran off the road through the woods on the right. When the jeep rolled to a stop, I looked at the guards to see if they were injured, thinking this might be a chance to escape. But the guards weren't injured and the driver quickly back up again on the road. We headed on down the road toward the prison, which now wasn't far away.


We pulled into a large parking area where other buses were parked and unloading other prisoners. I now realized I was in Germany right before the outbreak of World War II. The Germans were rounding up tourists who were in the country and making them prisoners. I saw many women and children alighting from the buses, obviously indignant at having been captured like that. I however was comforted to know that I wasn't the only person who had been captured and that many other people were in the same predicament. I concluded that since we weren't actually prisoners of war, we should soon be released.


I was in a room in the prison, thinking about what I was going to do while I was here. My collection of Pulitzer-prize-winning books was on a shelf in the room; I would be able to read those. I particularly noticed one entitled A Death in the Family; I would start with it. When I picked up the book, I saw another book under it by Rene Descartes. That would also be a good book to read while I was in prison.

I was still serious about trying to escape. From where I was I could look out a window and see a square courtyard with a square piece of land in the center. If I were going to escape, I would need to do a lot of running and would need to be in good physical shape. I thought I would go to the court yard and run five miles every day. Then I decided it would be better if I ran 10 miles every day. if I were going to escape, I might have to run for 50 miles. To do that I needed to be in good shape and would need to exercise every day.


Several other prisoners and I had spent one night in the room in the prison, all of us sleeping on the floor. The room was square and had beige carpet. All the other prisoners had left except for me and one other fellow. As I sat on the floor, I began pulling up the carpet around the edges, wondering if anything was underneath. The other fellow began doing the same thing, and he found a contact lens case with $5 in it. I remembered that the lens case and money were mine, that I had put them there the previous night, and I told the other fellow they belonged to me. He didn't believe me at first, but finally he did believe me and put the case down.

I kept looking under the carpet until I finally found a gold-colored key. It looked like a house key, except that it had a round, thick handle on it, and it said "# 11" on the middle of the handle. I thought the key was to one of the rooms, and with it I might be able to escape. I stood up and walked through the door of the room I was in and entered the adjoining room. When I saw a fellow with his back to me sitting there smoking a cigarette, I crept back into the room I had been in. I thought I would go back later. With the key, I might have found a way of escape.

I again began looking under the carpet. I found a small pocket knife with a red handle. The other fellow also found a knife, and I thought we might be able to use the knives in our escape. But I was also concerned that the knives might belong to someone who had been sleeping earlier in the room, and when the person returned he would want his knife back. I thought the key had probably been in the room a long time and didn't belong to anyone. But for some reason I thought the knife might have been left by someone the previous night, and I was unsure I should take it. I was especially interested in the key and thought it might help me escape.

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