Dream of: 08 October 1994 "Back From School"

Carolina had gone away to a school where she was supposed to stay for about a week. After the week had passed and she hadn't returned, I sat worried in the living room, trying to call the school on the phone. Every time I tried, however, I was unable to get through. I became more and more worried something had happened to her, and I was unsure what to do.

I heard someone at the door and went to answer it. I was relieved to see Carolina, loaded down with her luggage standing there. I was so happy to see her. Unfortunately, however, other people were with her. Another girl in her early 20s – about Carolina's age – with whom Carolina had gone to school, was there with her mother. Another woman, perhaps Carolina's mother was also there. Everyone walked in and Carolina began complaining about some problem she had had with the school. I really wasn't interested in that at the moment. I just wanted to be alone with Carolina. I spoke with her off to the side and told her I wanted her to go into one of the back rooms with me so I could talk with her in private.

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