Dream of: 06 October 1994 "Lions And Alligators"

I was looking out over a tract of land in Alaska which resembled the 15,000 acres owned by Maurice Minefield (the character played by Barry Corbin in the television series Northern Exposure). Lush forests surrounded a large lake while tall mountains rose in the background. It was beautiful. And what was best, I was going to inherit it.

I decided to go for a walk around the property. I decided I should carry a hand gun with me. I thought I would wear it in a holster and debated whether to wear it on my right side or my left. If I wore it on my left side, if I wanted to draw it, I would need to reach across with my right hand – so the gun would have to be worn with the handle facing front. I decided that would be that best way. I knew I needed a gun, because many lions roamed the area.

As I started my ramble, I walked along a creek which resembled Symmes Creek just east of the Gallia County Farmhouse. Looking down into the creek, I was completely surprised to see large alligators lying on the banks on both sides of the creek. Some must have been seven meters long. I was glad I had a gun with me. I could see where some alligators had scratched out places to lie along the bank.

I recalled having heard that Alaska was filled with lions and alligators. I wondered what would happen when a lion met an alligator. Who would win in such a fight?

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