Dream of: 05 October 1994 "The Life of Paul Newman"

I was with a group of people studying the life of actor Paul Newman. His early life before he ever appeared in a motion picture was delved into by an instructor leading the group. The instructor said there was a period of several years before Newman's first movie when people simply didn't know what Newman was doing.

The instructor had a copy of Newman's first movie which he began playing. At the same time, some people in the group were told to act along with the movie, repeating the lines of the actors. I was given the role of a woman who sometimes spoke to Newman in French. I knew my French pronunciation wasn't that good, and I hoped I would be able to satisfactorily play my role.

When Newman first came on the screen, I remarked how young he looked, and how blue his eyes were. It seemed like an old movie, and I thought I had never seen it before. As the movie progressed, I sporadically played my role, repeating the lines of the actress who spoke French. I felt uncomfortable with my performance, yet found it stimulating and challenging to try to repeat all the French words.

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