Dream of: 04 October 1994 (3) "Pizza in Paris"

Melanie, Carolina and I were in Paris in a car which I was driving through snow-covered streets. At first only Carolina and I were in the front seat, while Melanie was in the back, but at one point, when I stopped the car, Melanie got out and climbed into the front seat between Carolina and me. She had placed herself so the gear shift was between her legs; I had to reach between her legs to release the emergency brake and to shift the gears. I didn't touch her when I reached down, but I thought it strange that she would sit there so I had to reach between her legs.

Carolina said she was hungry, so we began looking for a restaurant. When we saw an Italian restaurant where I thought we could get something to go, I began looking for a place to park. When I finally saw a spot, someone else pulled in ahead of me and took it. But finally I managed to park the car and we got out.

Melanie immediately fell down in the street and someone helped her back up on her feet. When she stood up, I saw she had thrown up. She looked as if she were all right, but she had left a pile of vomit in the street.

As we walked around the corner to get to the restaurant, I saw a large number of people gathered in the street, and I finally became aware that a concert of classical music was taking place right there in the street. It looked as if it would be interesting. Melanie was especially interested, but we didn't have enough time and we had to continue on.

We walked into the restaurant and descended to the basement, crowded with people. A waiter walked up and told us there wouldn't be enough room for us. But since we only wanted some food to go, we just stood there, and I started trying to think of what we would order. I thought we might order pizza. I hadn't had any pizza in a long time because I thought it was so fattening. On the other hand, I thought Melanie ate a lot of pizza, and she didn't seem to get fat from it. So maybe we would just order some pizza, and then head back out.

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