Dream of: 04 October 1994 (2) "Stolen Car"

Carolina and I walked out of a building into a strange city and boarded a car. A second car – filled with my belongings – was also sitting on the street. Even a dishwasher was in the second car. Also in the second car were all my written dreams.

I began driving the first car we had boarded, and when I pulled away, the second car followed us. Someone else was driving the second car; it seemed perfectly natural that the second car would follow us. As we rode through the streets, I looked closer at the driver of the second car; he looked like my father.

I was having difficulty driving the first car and I noticed when I pressed the brake, instead of stopping, the car accelerated. I couldn't stop the car and it was almost out of control. When I was finally able to pull off the street into a parking lot and the second car continued going down the street, I suddenly realized that my father hadn't been driving the second car, but that someone had been stealing the car. I also realized I had been having trouble with my car because it had somehow been connected to the second car.

I immediately pulled out of the parking lot and began chasing the second car, but so much traffic was in the streets, I soon lost the second car. I was aghast; I had not only lost the second car, but also almost all my possessions which were in the second car.

I tried to remember more about the second car. Carolina and I had been at either a restaurant or a motel when we had taken off, but I didn't even know exactly where we had been. I needed to call the police. I also needed to call my father, because the second car belonged to him, and he had insurance on it. The second car was a blue and white station wagon, similar to the one he used to have which I wrecked once in New Boston.

I pulled over near a phone and got out. Just then the phone rang and I picked it up. Someone said, "Hello."

I recognized my good Dallas friend Eloise on the line. As I also said hello, my voice sounded extremely weak, so weak I could hardly talk. I told Eloise that I was very upset because my car had just been stolen, and that I couldn't talk right now. I told her I wanted to talk with her, but that now wasn't a good time; I would have to call her back later. I hung up.

I felt just awful. I still needed to call the police; what would I tell them? I would have to tell them the time when the second car was stolen and what the circumstances had been. I began thinking about all the information I would need to give to the police.

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