Dream of: 04 October 1994 "Je Sais Croire"

I was sitting in a field near a highway, somewhere close to Dallas, thinking of some problems I was having. I wasn't working much anymore, and I thought about some people I knew who also weren't working. I thought they weren't working because they didn't have the concept of what was involved when they did some kind of work. They didn't understand the value of their own labor.

When I used to work, taking on bankruptcy case, I had known exactly the value of the work I was doing and the service which I was performing. Now, I was still doing some bankruptcy work, but I realized those jobs were running out. I was becoming concerned about what I was going to do in the future, because I thought my money was also running out.


I must have dozed off, because I suddenly woke up, still in the same spot. Looking around, I saw a couple cars parked near me. Feeling a bit apprehensive, I stood and started walking away. As I walked I heard something behind me. I turned and saw a black man (probably in his mid 20s) about ten meters from me. He hollered to me and asked if I needed somewhere to stay tonight. He said I could stay with him. It seemed peculiar that he would make such an offer. I was immediately wary of the fellow, and I kept walking.

But he continued to follow me and continued to ask if I needed somewhere to stay. I only wanted to escape from him. Soon I thought I heard him singing a French song. He sang, "Je sais croire."

I thought it was interesting that he would be singing in French, and thought he might be an interesting fellow, but I still didn't trust him. I kept walking quickly. I was holding a cane, and every time I would touch the cane to the ground, I would push myself along with it. When I reached a building, I walked inside into a hallway with other people in it. I walked on through some glass doors back to the street, where I thought a bus would be stopping. It seemed as if I were in Columbus, Ohio, and I was going to take a bus downtown. I checked to make sure I had money for the bus. I thought once I was on the bus I would be able to get away from the fellow, who was continuing to follow me.

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