Dream of: 29 September 1994 (2) "Eccentric Attire"

As I was sitting in an office, Wheat walked in and began talking about U.S. patents. Apparently he was representing someone who either had a patent or was trying to obtain a patent. But he believed the opposite of what his client needed: he didn't believe that patents should be granted.

Wheat was dressed oddly. He was dressed completely in black. He was wearing a long, black cape, and might have even had on a black hat. He was becoming more and more eccentric to be dressing like that. His attire seemed immaculate, but quite strange.

As he spoke of a historical person who had obtained a patent, I happened to have an encyclopedia in front of me, and I looked up that person's name. I read that the person had made a great deal of money in manufacturing. Wheat complained about how the person's money was then passed on to his children. But I thought I read that the person's children had all gone bankrupt. When I told Wheat that all the children had gone bankrupt, he rushed over and told me to show him. I pointed it out in the article. When I looked at the article more carefully, I saw that it said the person himself had gone bankrupt and had lost all his interest in several different businesses. The person had also lost all his income. But I realized the article didn't actually say that the children had gone bankrupt. Apparently I had made a mistake. But I pointed out that the loss of all his income was quite serious. A person couldn't suffer a much greater loss than having all his or her income taken away. Wheat stood back up; I didn't know what he was going to say next.

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