Dream of: 29 September 1994 "Tires As Fertilizer"

I had learned of a process whereby old tires could be used as fertilizer. I was watching report which showed a scene where a man who looked Japanese was living in a swamp area – he had built a small house there. When old tires would wash up in the swamp, he would grind them up and use them as fertilizer. The story said the man was then able to raise many different kinds of crops, and that he was able to live from the food he raised. The report highly recommended the tires as fertilizer, especially since so many used tires existed in the world and the world was running out of fertilizer.

The report showed a picture of the little house sitting on the bank of the swamp below. Tires were piled up around the house, and some tires were even hanging from ropes in trees.

I was sitting and waiting to go somewhere. I was thinking that I knew where there were some old tires. I thought my mother might even have some old tires. I could see a train track down below where I was sitting. Near the train tracks I saw some white socks and other old socks of mine which my mother had thrown out on a garbage heap. I told someone there with me that I was going to go down and get the socks, because I was going to go somewhere to clean something, and I might need the socks as rags. I walked down to the garbage pile and picked the socks off it. I was thinking I needed to ask my mother if she had thrown away any old tires the way she had thrown away the socks. If she had, I would like to find them to see if I could use them as fertilizer.

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