Dream of: 28 September 1994 "Descent From the Mountains"

I was watching a colorful movie set in a distant country. The movie's hero was an imposing black-haired, mustached man (about 40 years old) who looked like Omar Shariff in the movie Doctor Zhivago. The country was involved in a bitter struggle, and he was in an isolated area with a small group of important people of one faction. He was commissioned to go to another area of the country to take an important message to someone.


The hero was standing on a snow-covered road in a winter wilderness. He knew another man was leaving the area in the only means of transportation out of the area – a sled drawn by a horse. Since the hero knew the man, the hero thought the man would let him travel with him. But when the man pulled up in his horse-drawn sled, the man wouldn't stop. The hero ran behind the sled, begging to be let on, but the man still wouldn't stop. The hero finally grabbed the back of the sled and held on for quite a ways, but finally he had to let go, and he was left standing in the middle of the snow.


The hero had no way now to travel, and he knew there was only one hope. He was in a mountainous region where shepherds herded thousands of sheep. The snow was receding amidst the trees, and there were now patches of snow and patches of brown grass. The shepherds knew the sheep wouldn't get on the snow. So when it was time to round up the sheep, the shepherds came along and set fire to the grass, forcing the sheep into flocks which they would take off the mountain to be sheered.

The hero located the shepherds and began working for them, helping them set fire and move the sheep off the mountains. He was then given food to eat; he would gradually be able to make his way out of where he was.


The hero knew when he left the mountains and reached his destination, an influential woman would help him. He wouldn't have any money, but the woman would buy him whatever he needed. He would need a new suit which she would buy for him.

What would it be like if I knew a woman like that? My good Dallas friend Eloise came to mind. I visualized a situation where I would go to her without any money or means, and she would buy me a nice suit, and help put me on my feet. I had the feeling that it wouldn't be in her nature to do something like that, but that doing so would be beneficial for her, too.

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