Dream of: 27 September 1994 "Moron"

As Carolina and I were walking together down a street in Portsmouth, we passed a blonde woman sitting on a chair. I stopped, looked at her, and realized she was extremely beautiful. She was completely naked and had large, perfectly shaped breasts. Since she was obviously available for sex, I immediately began having sex with her. As soon as I had inserted my penis in her, however, someone said the woman had something wrong with her, that a white substance was being exuded from her vagina. I quickly retracted my penis, saw a white substance on it, and began cleaning it off. I feared that I might have made a terrible mistake, that she might have some terrible disease. I didn't know what I was going to do. When other men walked up and turned down the offer to have sex with the woman, I realized what a moron I had been. However, I thought I had cleaned my penis off in time. Besides, I wasn't even certain the woman had a disease. I could only hope I had stopped in time.

I didn't know what Carolina thought. I didn't think she minded if I had sex with another person, but obviously it would make a difference if I contracted a disease.

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