Dream of: 26 September 1994 (2) "Books by Dostoievsky"

My second wife Carolina and I were in a book store where I was looking for some books written by Dostoievsky. Although I found a German copy of Homer's Odyssey, I couldn't locate the books by Dostoievsky. After I found a man in the store to help me, he pulled out an index and showed it to me, but I had trouble understanding it. It looked as if the index was actually two or three indexes combined, but the man gruffly told me it was just one index. In the index I had been looking for the name "Conner," which had something to do with the books by Dostoievsky. Finally I figured out where the books were: right in front of where I was standing. I picked up one of the small books.

I opened up the inside cover of the book to look for the price. It looked as if the original price had been $1, but as if the price had been changed to $1.99. I asked the man how much the books cost and he told me they cost $1, unless they were in bad condition, in which case they would only cost 74 cents. They were all written in German. I thought I might buy several.

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