Dream of: 26 September 1994 "One-Horned Cow"

I was on a farm owned by my uncle Liston Jr. and my aunt Jesse. Deer were on the farm and Liston and Jesse said they were going to give me a deer. One small gray deer walked up to me so close I was able to pick it up in my arms. It was a wonderful feeling. When I put the deer back down, a black and white cow walked up. I was standing near a fence and the cow was on the other side. The cow only had one horn, on the left side of its head. I grabbed the horn, because I was afraid the cow might try to ram me with it. At first the cow resisted my holding it by the horn, but finally it mellowed out. I finally let go of the horn and the cow walked away.


I was reading a story in a paper about people who had been gored to death by cows. I also read an article about people who had killed cows in retaliation. I read yet a third article about a man who had a field with cows in it. The field was next to a lake and the man who owned the field was letting people use the lake. But the cows started goring people who visited the lake, so the man had to stop letting people use the lake.

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