Dream of: 25 September 1994 "Ominous Foreboding"

Several other people and I were in a room with Walls; Walls was in such terrible shape he didn't even look like himself. He was sickly thin, and his teeth appeared to be rotting, especially the black-stained lower ones. In contrast, I was dressed in a nice suit and looked quite dapper.

Walls was telling me about a crime for which he had been arrested, and for which he was going to be tried. I slowly realized he had been accused of robbing a store. I asked when the trial was going to take place and was surprised to learn it was scheduled for this very day. I asked him if he had ever been convicted of a felony. He said he "personally" hadn't been convicted before. The way he said "personally" seemed rather naive, as if he wasn't even sure whether he had been convicted. I finally concluded that he actually had been previously convicted of a felony. I asked him if the conviction had taken place when he had been a juvenile. He told me he had been nineteen at the time, and I quickly concluded that he had been an adult. I thought to myself if he hadn't had a prior felony on his record, he might have received probation if he were convicted of this felony, but with a felony on his record, he would probably go to jail.

I stood beside him and asked him if he had a lawyer. He said something about having several lawyers; but it actually seemed as if he didn't have a lawyer at all. I immediately decided I was going to try to help him. I knew we were in Ohio, and that I wasn't an attorney in Ohio. However, if nothing else, I could accompany him to court and lend him some support. Clearly he was in desperate need of assistance.

As he continued talking, he almost seemed to be babbling. I began to wonder if he had been drinking that day. He almost seemed intoxicated on alcohol. He looked in terrible shape.

I asked him if he had used a weapon during the robbery. He said he had. I knew that was very bad.

Some other people walked up and began whispering to me. Someone said that if Walls didn't testify, there would be no evidence with which to convict him. But I pointed out to them that the people who had been in the store at the time of the robbery would be witnesses. The person whispering to me appeared to have not even considered that fact. I pointed out that the evidence in almost all robbery cases was based on eye-witness testimony.

Walls was listening to what I was saying; he seemed to become more and more distraught. He had always known about what I was talking, but only now was he finally beginning to realize what it meant.

I had an image of how the story would end. I could see his mother standing on the front porch of her house, realizing she would never see Walls again, because he had been sent away for 30 years. I told Walls that was how this affair would end, if he didn't start taking it seriously. I had an ominous foreboding of how it would end.

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