Dream of: 24 September 1994 "Bothered By Ants"

I was lying on a single bed sitting in a field somewhere in Gallia County, Ohio. I was lying in the sun, and had taken off all my clothes except for some under-shorts. Looking at my body, I realized that although I wasn't obese, I had definitely become overweight. I was quite unsatisfied with my body.

As I lay here, small ants began bothering me, and I sat up in the bed and began knocking them off. Sitting up, I could see that I was in an elevated area, and I could see a road farther down the side of the hill where I was. I noticed a truck (which looked like my 1967 Ford truck) had pulled up. I also noticed a woman walking up to a barbed wire fence near my bed. A red-haired girl (about 15 years old) was with the woman. From where I was, I couldn't tell whether the girl was attractive.

I didn't want to talk to anyone at the moment; I just wanted to be alone. I stood up from the bed to leave. I also had a truck which belonged to me which was sitting nearby. I was going to simply board my truck and leave. As I stood and walked away from the bed, I looked back at the bed. But what I saw didn't look like a bed. Instead it looked like the outline of a small plane on which I had been lying. It was made of wood.

I heard the woman say something about some ants. Looking back at her, I saw that she was standing near an anthill by the fence. I knew there were different kinds of ants in the area. There were piss ants and black ants as well as other kinds of ants. But I didn't want to go back to the woman and try to explain to her what kind of ants she had found. So I just continued walking toward my truck.

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