Dream of: 23 September 1994 "Forming a Band"

I was talking with Weinstein about a fellow whom I knew who was a musician; this fellow had written what I thought was going to be a great song. I was thinking I would like to form a rock and roll band; and that the fellow who had written the song could form a band with Weinstein and me. I told Weinstein that he (Weinstein) could play the piano; I thought I would play guitar. Although I didn't know how to play the guitar, I thought I could quickly learn. I might also sing. I was excited by the prospect of forming a band, and I was sure it would be a success.

Weinstein (only about 30 years old) stretched out on the couch. When I sat down on the floor beside the couch, Weinstein asked me if I thought he was pretty. I thought "handsome" would have been a more appropriate word than "pretty." I thought to myself that I didn't find Weinstein particularly handsome, although he did have physical qualities which made him somewhat attractive. Getting used to him simply took a while.

I knew Weinstein had told me he was a homosexual. I didn't think he was now making any advances toward me, but I wondered how I would feel if he were to touch me in some way. Although I wasn't interested in him in any sexual way, I thought I wouldn't be bothered if he were to simply touch me. Coming in physical contact with him didn't bother me.

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