Dream of: 21 September 1994 (3) "Standing in Line"

Melanie was showing Carolina and me an apparatus in a large red suitcase. The apparatus had all kinds of gadgets on it, and it looked as if it was either some kind of video or audio device; but it had more connections and dials than the normal video or audio device. Melanie indicated that it was a very special device, and she suggested I might want to get one. I looked at the device more closely and saw that it had a slot for a single CD. Melanie smiled and said she thought the newer models would have a slot for a CD deck which would hold six CD's.

I was sitting right next to Melanie. I felt close to her and thought she was being very nice by showing me the apparatus.

Finally we stood and got into a line of people lining up to leave the room. As Carolina and I were standing in line, a couple people got between Carolina and me. I thought I would have to let the two people in front of me, or else they would have to let Carolina cut in ahead of them so Carolina and I could be together. I was uncertain of which way I would do it.

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