Dream of: 20 September 1994 "Left Behind"

While serving as a prisoner in a fairly large prison, I was sitting in a room and being interrogated by prison officials. Sitting next to me on my right was another prisoner, a black man (about 40 years old). I recalled that I had seen the black man hide a revolver loaded with six bullets under the driver's seat of a car in the prison. Now I realized I was actually sitting in the seat under which the gun was hidden. I wanted to tell the officials about the gun, but I was afraid to say anything in front of the black man. I knew the gun was extremely important to him, and I was afraid he would retaliate against me if I told. However, I was certain I was going to tell.


Everyone in the prison was being released. Carolina, also in the prison, was leaving with a group of women in their early 20s. Everyone had backpacks containing their belongings. As I stood with Carolina, preparing to accompany her, I suddenly realized I didn't have my back pack. I knew we had to leave right then, and I told Carolina to go ahead and I would follow. As she left with the others, I walked into a large closet to look for my back pack.

As I searched, I slowly became aware that the prison was being taken over by a group of armed men, and that because I had hesitated, I now wouldn't be able to leave.

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