Dream of: 19 September 1994 "Civil War Battle"

I was fighting for the South in the Civil War. I was lined up behind a stone wall with my fellow troops, shooting at an enemy line about 50 meters away. We were taking severe casualties, and many men were lying dying and bleeding around me. I, however, hadn't been wounded, and neither had a black-haired boy (about 16 years old) on my right. He was dressed mostly in white and he himself seemed surprised he hadn't been shot.

Our numbers were quickly dwindling. I thought of taking some dead bodies and propping them up with their heads lying on top of the wall. Then the enemy would waste shots shooting at them. I knew it would be a mess when the skulls were blown open, but I thought it might help protect us.

However, I saw relief in sight. Unbeknownst to the enemy, a new line of Southern soldiers was forming about 50 meters behind the enemy line. Suddenly the new rebel line began firing, catching the Yankee line in the crossfire of our line and their line. The Yankees had no choice. They rose and charged toward our line. I was afraid. I imagined the Yankees coming over the wall, and I even imagined one stabbing me with a bayonet. I immediately focused my attention and prepared for the attack. Soldiers screamed to fix bayonets. A man lying on my left who I thought was dead rose up to meet the attack.

I looked up and saw a northern soldier standing over me on top of the wall. There was no time to think, only time to act. I stabbed him with my bayonet and he fell to the ground. Another came at me and I stabbed him.

The attack lasted only a few seconds. The enemy swarmed over us and kept going past us. Our soldiers, after recovering from the shock, began chasing the Yankee soldiers. But I perceived that something was amiss. I ran after our soldiers and told them to stop, that I thought it was a trap. Confusion was all around me and no one paid any attention.

Suddenly, to my surprise, I saw the Northern general and one of his officers walking near me. I immediately approached him, pointed my bayoneted rifle at him, and told him he was my prisoner. I let the lower officer go (because I didn't want to take the chance of having two prisoners) and I marched the general toward a group of my comrades, thinking he could tell them what the trap was.

I already had an idea in my mind. I thought the northern solders were running up a valley. Other northern soldiers would be hiding on both sides of the valley. When the fleeing soldiers had gone far enough, they would suddenly stop and turn. The southern soldiers would be caught in the middle of a horseshoe. The northern soldiers would then close the end of the horseshoe and make it a complete circle. The northern soldiers would then began firing at the trapped soldiers in the circle, turning it into a slaughterhouse.

When I reached my other comrades, someone forced the general to lie on his back on the ground. The soldier threatened to cut out one of the general's eyes if he didn't tell us about the trap. I feared that even if we learned now, it was already too late to help.

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