Dream of: 18 September 1994 "Captive Ducks"

I was sitting in a sparsely furnished bedroom of a place where my friend Kim (a woman a few years younger than I whom I first met in Portsmouth in 1977) was living. Kim had given me some papers which she said contained some information about dreams. As I looked through the papers, I realized they were an assortment of diverse material. I also quickly realized they contained nothing of any value for me. Some papers were the colored comic sections from Sunday newspapers which contained some fleeting reference to dreams. I noticed the date on the papers was 1899, and I wondered where Kim had found such old newspapers.

I also saw a group of about a dozen small, pale blue tracts. I opened one and leafed through it. I quickly realized the tracts were all for different signs of the zodiac, and that each tract contained some material about the type of dreams which people born under that particular sign were supposed to have. But it seemed worthless to me.

Something in the room began to distract me. Perched on what appeared to be a tie rack high on one wall was a brown duck, clearly female. Not far from it was another similar duck, with some color such as green in its feathers, obviously male. The male duck, however,  had no place to perch and was fluttering about from place to place. I looked at the ducks' webbed feet and thought how out of place they were there in the room. They needed some water to be in.

Finally I became so angry about the poor ducks, I rose and walked into the next room to confront Kim about them. I blurted out that the ducks had no place to perch and were becoming exhausted flying around the room. I couldn't understand why she would want to keep them in there. But I quickly received the impression from her that she had no intention of setting them free.

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