Dream of: 17 September 1994 "Latin Contest"

While in a classroom with other people who were studying Spanish, I realized some in the class had also been studying Latin, and some had become quite proficient in the language. It occurred to me that I knew quite a bit of Latin, and that I also would like to study more of it. Huddleston (a former high school classmate who later became an attorney) was in the class, and he seemed to be the one who knew the most Latin. In fact, he was going to be involved in a contest to see who could use Latin the best. Right then I decided I wanted to be in the contest. I determined that I was going to learn as much Latin as I could and that I would spend as much time as possible thinking in Latin. I immediately began mulling over Latin words in my mind, and quickly thought about how many words weren't in Latin, such as "telephone fax." I would need to invent a lot of new Latin words.

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